How To Conduct Interview

Are you worried about shortlisting the right candidate? Well,

there is no perfect answer for how to select the right candidate. But, the interview process can be of awesome help if you use it effectively.

Two things:

  1. Be really clear about what you need from the person you are hiring for this role – in terms of both behavioral traits and skills. (This will help you filter out what is not important.)
  2. Identify the best way for your candidates to demonstrate if they have what you are looking for. (Interviews may not be the best approach for every role.)


1. Give them a problem to solve.

Start this off by making it part of the application process. Describe a problem they would be likely to face in their role and ask them to respond with how they would solve it in no more than 1,000 words.

Ask those you have shortlisted to discuss their response. By discussing their thinking behind their solution, you’ll verify both their skills (the steps they would take to fix the problem) as well as their behaviors (how they would approach each step).


2. Give them a project to complete

Possible job auditions might be:

  • Web designer: design a landing page for you
  • Project manager: write a project plan based on a project scope
  • Customer service manager: analyze customer service statistics and plan out next steps

This is their field. This is what they should be good at. See how they do in their comfort zone.

3. Take them out of the “interview zone”

An easy way to do this is to take your candidate out for lunch with the team to see how they interact. Think about which team members you invite. The dynamics will be different if all the attendees at the lunch are senior to the candidate. The candidate may take pains to be on their best behavior in this situation, and you won’t get an accurate reflection of who you’ll be working with day-to-day.

Determine the behaviors you want to observe and pay attention accordingly. Does the candidate listen when people speak? How do they interact with the waiting staff? Are they interested in learning about others or just talking about themselves?


Conduct Interview or Hiring process takes a lot of time and efforts, A great interview will help you understand the soft skills, knowledge, career aspirations and practical experience of the candidate.

Do you have some ideas to Conduct Interview and select the top employees?





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