Skills of developers

  • Communication: Well, in today’s professional world not having good communication skills is literally a crime. So, to leave an impact, it is important that you have excellent communication skills to speak up when in need.
  • Time management: Third, in a professional environment, time estimations come from the development team. When management asks you to be faster, but you know the request is impossible or highly unlikely to be achieved on time, you speak up even at an expense of losing your job.
  • Developer Networks: The number one factor determining your success and opportunities as a software developer is your peer group. Your connections are included in your career capital, because you are always better off cooperating with other people than being alone.
  • Open-minded: If you are always open to new and exciting ideas, you are surely on the way to crack the software developer jobs. You must be always willing to go for something new and creative.
  • System design skills: This topic deserves its own section, because many software developers take pride in just coding, without taking care of investigating the tools, architectural decisions, and components solving the problem.
  • Learning: Learning is the least intuitive topic out of the six we have covered in this section. This is because if you learn in the same way how the average person does, your reward will also be average.


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